Jacqueline Waller
CleanFreeFun.com: Owner/Operator
My name is Jacqueline Waller with CleanFreeFun.com. We have really appreciated the work that T.N. Morgan Consulting has put into helping us with all of our Human Resources and Operations needs. We are a start-up company and would have been lost without them. If you are a start-up or are looking to take your company to the next level, then you definitely need to hire
TN Morgan Consulting.
Marsha Coltrane
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
T.N. Morgan and Consulting is professional and spot on when it comes to small business consulting, and career coaching. My experience was personalized and life changing. Traci helped me to strategize a plan that allowed me to branch out and expand my customer base. She helped me see my business potential and how to grow.
Moses Walters
Marketing Consulting Director
Traci Morgan has been very vital to the development and growth of my business. Traci’s expert consulting skill has spearheaded my business to the forefront of social media and marketing to help my business membership double and now sales are at an all-time high. I am very grateful for her assistance.
Marcia Goldson
Staffmark: Branch Manager
I was first introduced to T.N. Morgan Consulting by a mutual friend in 2009. At that time I had a low paying job with a start-up company and was seeking career coaching and resume` reconstruction. I worked directly with Traci Morgan. She revamped my résumé and in doing that I received a great job with another company within 2 weeks, and I continue to receive calls from companies to this day. The biggest feedback that I have received has been my résumé contained the tangibles and the numbers they were looking for. Thank you Traci for taking my career to the next level.

There has also been a shift on the consulting I now get, business consulting with an emphasis on sales/marketing strategy. I am also grateful for the new clients that you have also sent to me.
Stephanie Foreman
Accenture: US TGP Recruiting Manager - Finance and Enterprise Performance
I have known Traci professionally for more than 15 years and have come to know her as a multi-faceted Human Resources professional with particular expertise in full life cycle recruiting, creating targeted niche sourcing campaigns and building/maintaining effective client/stakeholder relationships. Traci's strong business acumen and above average communication ability makes her a strong addition to any team.
Rekisha Breaux
A Greener World Community Alliance: Vice President
This recommendation cannot fully express the joy it was to work with T.N. Morgan Consulting. Traci’s passion and leadership is undeniable. She was, hands down, one of the best Career Coaches and Resume` Writers I have ever had the privilege of working with to support the needs of professional candidates reentering the workforce. I would highly recommend her consulting firm to help professionals identify their ideal career path, navigate their transition, and nurture their career whether in the workforce or starting their own business. Her turnaround time for resume` completion and end results for coaching are phenomenal. Many individuals were approached by companies immediately and later hired on into full-time positions. Utilizing T.N. Morgan Consulting would be a great asset to any professional organization.”
Naomi Dodd
Resume` / Career Coaching and Business Consulting
I have worked with Traci many times in the past utilizing her business development and recruiter skills. She has provided me with many out of the box ideas, encouragement, and some excellent contracts along the way. I look forward to working with Traci because she treats every client as if I am her only client and I truly feel like my needs are top-priority. She is detail oriented and great at follow up. I would highly recommend Traci for any business project in the future.
Lauren Snow
Verizon Wireless: South Area College Diversity Consultant
In one word "wow"! Traci Morgan is a pleasure to work with at Verizon Wireless as a Consultant. She has a very strong work ethic and is very focused about completing tasks that are delegated to her. She developed and implemented sourcing strategies and resources that my team is still able to use, and we miss her greatly. These cost effective measures and out of the box ideas are wonderful. Traci is a process driven consultant. Through compiling statistical data and completing a thorough analysis, we were able to reallocate resources and gain new partners and employees for the divisions she supported. Traci would prove valuable to any team. Her management skills of people and processes is balanced. She was the Recruiting / Sourcing Consulting Lead over 3 additional Recruiters. For the 9 months with us, Traci worked directly with myself, the Associate HR Director and some HR executives for our region. I recommend Traci as a consultant and business partner.
Robert Poole
ExecuTrain of Georgia: Vice President Custom Learning Solutions
A highly proficient Operations Consultant in a continually changing and fast paced business. She was somehow able to manage facilities, people, materials, registration processes and invoicing and made it look simple! She always brightened the room with her infectious smile and gave 100% effort to the completion of her responsibilities. I am happy to recommend her in any of her future endeavors.
Resume` Client
I was introduced to Traci through a mutual friend. I had been laid off from my job and my resume was a total mess. I talked to Traci twice on the phone sent her my resume. Within two days she responded with the finished product which landed me interviews immediately and job offers. I would actually hire myself from that resume! It was professional and to the point. I also recommended her to a friend. Thanks Traci! God gives everyone a purpose and your company has found it.
Stephanie C. Harper
CAREER Magazine: Publisher and Owner
What I like most about Traci is she understands "working in the trenches" and enjoys it! Traci first approached me about mentorship and I instead offered her a partnership that would allow her to grow in the areas that she most wanted experience from 2009 - 2011. She was a dependable co-host for CAREER Conversations talk radio and provides action with advice articles to CAREER Magazine. She is very knowledgeable in many career development principles and a joy to work with. Kudos, and LETS GO!”
Janelle Watkins
Eriam Image Consulting: Owner and Operator
Ms. Traci Morgan has assisted me professionally with advancing my career as an Executive Assistant, as well as launching my business as an Image Consultant. For career coaching, Ms. Morgan provided her consulting services by updating my resume`, coaching and preparing me for interviews. She then assisted me is opening the business of my dreams by showing me how to collect marketing research, developing and implementing a strategy, as well as gaining customers. I gained customers within a 2 week timeframe, which also included speaking engagements on How to Dress for Success, representing T.N. Morgan Consulting as a direct Image Consultant.

Ms. Morgan is not only a Recruiter and Career Consultant, but a professional Life Coach as well. She assisted me with conquering my fears in the professional arena and aided me in discovering my hidden skills and talents. In addition, Ms. Morgan advised me of open positions in my field, directed me on how to apply for positions by using different engines and how to network with other professionals.

I am grateful for her assistance and expertise. I would recommend Ms. Morgan to anyone that would like to advance his/ her career and gain more knowledge on becoming professionally marketable, as well as start their own business.
Amia Freeman
Inneractive FITCLUB: Owner
Traci Morgan has been a strong resource in helping inneractive FITCLUB develop the unique position we hold in the Fitness and Outreach Ministry areas. She has a passionate way of showing you how to maximize your potential & recognize your opportunities. Her professionalism & ability to turn ideas into tangible revenue is to be admired! Traci has been with us from our first year almost 12 years ago and continues to provide sound, relevant, strategic support. From the marketing and branding ideas, our company holds active positions completing health and fitness workshops, seminars, and featured training sessions with: Radio One's "One Love Gospel Cruise" since 2006; Judge Glenda Hatchett's "Fit Family Fest"; and Yolanda Adams "Health & Wellness Tour".
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